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 "Polaroids Series"


I can’t help but reflect on the fact how we experience the life around us more and more through our phones, cameras and screens, instead of being present and involved in the moment. 


I created Polaroids series to draw attention to the habit we have of capturing everything on camera even if it comes at the expense of missing out on fully experiencing it live.


The questions I am looking at are:

-  What is the value of having hundreds of images saved on the phone, where a singular memory is all that matters? Is it worth risking losing a particular moment or experience if one is trying to capture it over and over with their phones?

- On top of that the use of editing systems that makes it easy for you to turn up the colors, saturation, highlights and etc, hence making us distort the memory even further.


Polaroid embodies certain nostalgia of how we used to engage with the world. 

In these paintings, I look how I can transcribe just a singular impression of a memory, in a way combining 1000s of images into just one - perhaps abstract but more authentic, at least for me, a representation of an experience.


What I also draw attention to with these paintings is the fact that we are encountering experiences more and more digitally and inadvertently it affects how we perceive and see the world around us. Glitches, screens, moire effect, unnatural photoshop colors, they all become part of the overall impression. 

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