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December 28, 2016

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            "I see portrait as a snapshot of intangible moments, sensations and memories; A reflection of one’s life journey hidden behind layers. I uncover the chronicle of accumulated experiences by adding and removing layers on the canvas, revealing a visual landscape. Thus adding a landscape to an Intangible Portrait or capturing a Portrait of a Landscape."


Portrait of a Landscape Series

Oil on Canvas - 2014,London 




            "Concepts and thoughts that are going into this series of paintings are build around our interaction with digital media, it’s effects on our society and the influence of manipulated images and colours. Our encounter with images and information is predominantly shaped by the internet and displays that surround us".

"These paintings are topographical colour fields, my reflection on digital lifestyle and constant scrolling of content on screens that results in a singular blur and an abstract image."


"To some extent it is also my return to the performing stage and being surrounded by it's vast backdrops and screens, often simply lit with a gradient filter. I always thought of these as grand paintings witch are powerful through it's size as well as hypnotising and meditative through it's simplicity."


                 Screens_IMG_No11 - Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas


As the new year started I thought a review of last year could be more helpful than establishing brand new set of New Year Resolutions.

I have actually set for myself a steep learning curve on a lot of topics and have established a whole set of resolutions back in July. Now, I do like the notion of the new year bringing about new energy, fresh start and overall excitement to tackle new things. However I still have a lot of work to be done on those past resolutions and so why to set new ones? I prefer to look at it as a review and use this new year’s energy to get these goals accomplished. 

This past year has been rather transformative and I have taken on several goals. Besides focusing and working on establishing myself as an artist most of these are actually related to my personal qualities (weaknesses) and self-development, realising that I have rather neglected this area for a long time. Reassessing and questioning my own believes and goals is something that has turned into a massive u...


            ".......seams like a good title to get inspired from when one thinks of starting to write and put certain ideas down without keeping them too constrained. An artist has a voice through his work however at times a need of a secondary supporting voice might be of use. It could provide a deeper understanding into that particular person's mind, what is the principal reason for creating and being, thinking and doing. 


Disclaimer No1

"in absence of any literary knowledge and writing skills, these posts might come in different forms and languages and with generous amount of grammatical faux pas"


The image is a self portrait from a series called "Bear Series", titled  "Losing Bearings". 


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